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Our high-quality LED Residential, Commercial and Inudstrial Lighting Solutions are designed and tailored to fit the lighting needs of Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate and Township Developers, and Managers of Commercial and Industrial Establishments.

Whether you have to upgrade your establishment's existing fixtures or create lighting ambiances from scratch, our Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions help you win big on all fronts. Our market-leading solutions not only give you the best return on your investment right from the first year onward but also help you make a positive impact on the environment.

ARGOS LED Down lights, for instance, provide an innovative and exciting option to architects and developers who are looking to create soothing, highly customized, and elegant lighting dimensions for commercial or residential spaces.

Our High-Bay and Low-Bay Lighting Solutions for industrial spaces such as storage areas, maintenance areas, and shop floors improve energy efficiency while enhancing worker productivity.

Argos LED Floodlights are designed to improve the safety and security of the general-purpose areas of your industrial or commercial establishment such as the parking lot, industrial yard, docking areas and outdoor recreational areas.

Argos International utilizes its proven expertise to analyze, design, and install lighting fixtures that suit your unique Residential, Commercial and Industrial requirement.

Our experts analyze the spatial parameters and design suitable lighting solutions for our customers' specific residential, commercial and industrial areas such as homes, offices, hospital, shopping malls, factories, universities, warehouses and almost everything that needs to be lit up.

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