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Bitumen is a dark non-crystalline, viscous material that is mainly processed from crude petroleum oil. It is a strong and durable adhesive that can bind together a variety of materials without affecting their properties. It is widely used in the construction of roads and waterways around the world due to its durability and cost effectiveness.

Bitumen is insoluble in water and hence is widely used as an effective waterproofing sealant. Its wide availability and known application in construction through centuries has earned it the epithet of 'mankind's oldest engineering material'.

It offers the following advantages:
Strong and durable adhesive: Its strong and durable adhesive quality makes it the most widely-used material in the world for road construction
Resistant to water, chemicals, and weather: It is insoluble in water and resists action by most acids, alkalis and salts. Also, it does not contaminate water which makes it an ideal material for watercourse lining.
Controlled flexibility: It gives controlled flexibility to minerals aggregates that bind with it
Easy application: It can be spread easily over the required area compared to any other material because it can be liquefied with heat, petroleum solvents, or emulsification
Resistant to ageing: Roads built with bitumen can last for 20 years or more

Product Families:
Modified Bitumen : Bitumen mixed with polymers for improved durability, longevity, and elasticity
Polymer-modified binders: Bitumen modified with the use of polymers such as EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for improved load-bearing properties
Multi-grade Bitumen: Bitumen modified with chemicals for higher resistance to deformation and high temperatures as well as reduced stiffness at low temperature
Industrial Bitumen: An oxidized form of Bitumen that demonstrates rubber-like qualities and improved temperature resistance compared to paving-grade Bitumen types

Over 80 percent of global bitumen consumption is used in the construction and maintenance of roads
Waterproofing of roofs
Chemical and electrical insulation of packaging papers, linoleum, and battery boxes
Waterproofing paints for drinking-water tanks

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