Polymers And Petrochemicals

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemical is an element,compound in mixture.The constituents can be adhesives, cosmetics, toiletries, inks used in pen or markers, Laboratory chemicals,cosmetics, Plastics, solvents, toners, household cleaning products, or paints and coatings.Hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, phosgene amd chloropicrin are such industrial chemicals that can also be chemical agents.

Product Families:
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): This is a large product ,mainly used to make pipe for construction markets as well as transportation and packaging materials.
Polypropylene(PP) : Are used in markets ranging from packaging to clothing and carpenting.
Polystyrene (PS): Is used for making toys and for recreational products.
Many man made fibers that include polyster, nylon and acrylics are used for making home furnishings and industrial products.

It has the following usage:
Can be used as veterinary chemical or a constituent of veterinary chemical.
Can also be used as therapeutic use at the time of preparation of goods.
Can also be used as a food additive for consumption by humans or animals

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