Edible Nuts - Groundnut Kernels

Edible Nuts - Groundnut Kernels

The peanut or groundnut (Arachishypogaea) is a legume of Fabaceae family. The peanut plant grows to 30 to 50 cm in height. Upon pollination, the flower stalk elongates to push the ovary underground in a natural process called Geocarpy which is common to the legume family. Under the earth, hard-shelled peanut fruits are born that are usually 3 to 7 cm long and contain one to four peanuts. Peanuts are usually oblong to nearly round in shape and are covered by seed coats which are red, purple, or whitish in colour. The peanut fruits also function as roots for the plant, where they absorb minerals from the soil. Peanut contains more protein, minerals, and vitamins per gram than any other edible nut.

Uses: Plain, roasted, or boiled peanuts make for a popular snack enjoyed all over the world.They are also used in dishes, spicy sauces, and popular sweet items. Peanuts are widely-used for its edible oil which is considered a healthier substitute, due to it high monosaturated content, to saturated oils. Peanut butter, a food paste made from roasted peanuts, is a popular food in the US, the UK, Australia, and parts of Asia where it is commonly used as a sandwich spread. Peanuts are also used in the making of a variety of textile materials, cosmetics, plastics, dyes, and paints.

1 Peanuts Java – 50/60 Vacuum Pack 25/50 kg 19 MT
2 Peanuts Java – 60/70 Vacuum Pack 25/50 kg 19 MT
3 Peanuts Java – 50/60 Jute Bag 25/50 kg 19 MT
4 Peanuts Java – 60/70 Jute Bag 25/50 kg 19 MT
5 Peanuts Java – 80/90 Jute Bag 25/50 kg 19 MT
6 Peanuts Bold – 40/50 Jute Bag 25/50 kg 19 MT
7 Peanuts Bold - 38/42 Jute Bag 25/50 kg 19 MT

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