Edible Nuts - Raisins

Raisin is another name of Dried Grape.They can be used raw or can be cooked.In French Raisin means Grape,where as a dried grape is referred as raisin sec or "dry grape".Raisins come in different varieties which depends on the type of grape used at the time of making.They are sun dried traditionally but they may also dip in water or artificially dehydrated.Raisins contain 72% sugar which depends on the weight ,they also contain glucose,protein and fiber.

Uses: Raisins are good source for being healthy.They provide relief from constipation,acidosis,fever,anemia and sexual dysfunction.Raisins also help in gaining weight since they are high in fructose and glucose and have lot of energy .They help in weight gain without effecting our cholestrol and thats why they are used widely by atheletes.They have high level of catechins also known as polyphenolic antioxidants which are present in blood which prevents cancer from forming .

1 Raisins Green 10 Kg Carton 19 MT
2 Raisins Golden 10 Kg Carton 19 MT
3 Raisins Black 10 Kg Carton 19 MT
4 Raisins Malayar 10 Kg Carton 19 MT

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