Edible Nuts - Raw Cashew Nuts

Edible Nuts - Raw Cashew Nuts

Raw Cashew Nuts naturally grow from cashew tree. The name "Cashew "is derived from portuguese name and "Caju' has come from Indian name "Acaju". Cashew Tree bears pear shaped false fruits which are also called "Cashew Apples". Cashew Nut is actually a "Tree Fruit" which is firmly attached to the bottom of cashew apple, that appears like a clapper in the bell. They contain 47% fat, 21% protein, 5.9% moisture, 0.4% phosporous, 22% carbohydrates, 5% iron and .05% calcium for each 100 gram.

Uses: Cashews are rich in calories, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals that protect us from diseases. Raw cashews are good source of iron which helps in healthy circulation of blood. Proper intake of cashew nuts help in keeping the heart healthy. Copper which is obtained from cashew also helps in managing the physioligical process including iron utilization, elimination of radicals, proper development of bone and tissue. Eating nuts also help in lowering the risk of weight gain.

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