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Mace, like its sibling, Nutmeg, is extracted from the Myristica fragransa a tropical, evergreen tree native to the Moluccas Islands and the East Indian Archipelago. The tree grows to about 65 feet in height and yields its first crop of fruit 8 years after sowing. Mace is the dried form of the reddish covering of the seed or aril which is revealed when the fruit splits in two upon maturity.

Mace is more pungent and spicier with a more delicately sweet flavour compared to Nutmeg and is preferred for its bright-orange colour and fragrant, aromatic odour it lends to food.

Uses: Mace is chiefly used for baking and is a dominant flavour in doughnuts. It is often used in cakes, cookies and savory dishes. It also contains essential oil that is used in perfumery and pharmaceutical industries.

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