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Wheat (Triticum) is the edible grain obtained from the cereal grass of the family Poaceae. Wheat is the second most-produced cereal used for food in the world after rice and is the most important source of vegetable protein for humans, richer in protein than maize or rice.

Wheat is obtained from the flowers of the wheat plant. Wheat has more than a thousand varieties. The most commonly-used varieties are TriticumCompactum, or club wheat is used for flours, cake, cookies, and pastries; Triticum Aestivum, used to make bread; TriticumDurum is used to make pasta such as spaghetti and macaroni. Among these, Bread Wheat is the most widely cultivated variety in the world, followed by Durum Wheat. Wheat is the most widely cultivated and traded grain among all the crops.

Uses: Wheat is ground to make a versatile, carbohydrate and protein-rich flour that is widely used in baking. Most breads (including Roti in India) are made with Wheat flour. Wheat is the main ingredient in foods such as porridge, biscuits, Muesli, pancakes, pastries, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and breakfast cereals. Wheat is also germinated and dried to create malt that is used to make alcoholic beverages, confections, and flavoured drinks.

1 Wheat Milling Grade 50 Kgs PP Bag 24 MT
2 Wheat Hard Wheat 50 Kgs PP Bag 24 MT
3 Wheat Soft Wheat
50 Kgs PP Bag 24 MT

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