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Sesame seeds come from Sesame plant(SesamumIndicum). The plant grows to 50 to 100 cm tall and bears the Sesame fruit which is capsule-shaped and which varies from 2 to 8 cm in length. The fruit splits open along the septa to release the seeds naturally. This phenomenon has been immortalized in the Middle-Eastern epic, the Arabian Nights, with the famous phrase, "Open Sesame". The Sesame fruit pod splits open to release 50 to 100 tiny, oval, slightly-flattened, nutty-flavored seeds. Typically, the weight of each of the seeds is between 20mg to 40mg. These seeds come in a whole host of colors such as gray, brown, or black depending on the variety, but the most traded variety is off-white in color.

Major Producers: The largest producer of sesame seeds is Myanmar, followed by India, China, Ethiopia and Mexico. However, India ranks as the world's biggest exporter of sesame seeds.

Uses: Sesame seed has one of the highest oil content of any seed, with some varieties containing more 50 percent oil content. Sesame seeds are largely processed for oil and about 35 percent of the annual volume consumed/preparing is used in food. Sesame oil has a long shelf life and is highly prized for its high levels of protein,natural antioxidants and essential amino acids.

1 Natural White Sesame Seed 99/1/1 19 MT PP Bag
2 Natural White Sesame Seed 99/1/99.9 19 MT PP Bag
3 Natural White Sesame Seed 99/1/99.95 Sortex 19 MT PP Bag
4 Hulled Sesame Seed 99.95% 19 MT Paper Bag / PP Bag
5 Hulled Sesame Seed 99.97% 19 MT Paper Bag / PP Bag
6 Hulled Sesame Seed 99.98% 19 MT Paper Bag / PP Bag
7 Black Sesame Seed Normal Black 19 MT Paper Bag / PP Bag
8 Black Sesame Seed 'Z' Black 19 MT Paper Bag / PP Bag

All products can be sterilized as per US and European norms

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